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Enterprise Resource Planning

provides a full suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to meet our customers' needs. EXERTUS' foundation is builton over 30 years of successful business experience in the technology and operations arenas. We have been assisting clients with their ERP solutions in an effort to integrate each organization's diverse functional and operational areas into a unified computing platform. These areas have included employee records, corporate financials, client indicative data, purchasing and inventory control.

It is our practice to enhance collaboration between your employees, your business partners, and your customers with the objective of increasing internal productivity and improving client satisfaction and retention - ultimately increasing your bottom line.

EXERTUS' areas of ERP specialization are:

· Implementation
· Development/Integration
· Enhancement
· Upgrades
· Extended Solutions

We provide clients with the highest level of ERP and financial support including, networking, configuration, systems integration and technical support. We incorporate the most efficient and progressive management and IT tools on the market, providing you with simple, effective solutions.

Our consulting team is professionally trained and includes ERP experts, experienced project managers, seasoned business analysts, computer programmers and network specialists. We understand that every client is unique and that no single set of rules and solutions exist that fit all businesses. We turn our knowledge and experience into simplified, customized solutions that help clients streamline operations, utilize resources effectively and optimize productivity in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Solutions that support your company's business goals and practices are not out of your reach! EXERTUS has the new solutions and support offerings that open up applications you previously thought would be impossible within your company's budget or timeframe. Complete ERP Software Selection and ERP Consulting Services tailored to meet your requirements are available through EXERTUS.

EXERTUS serves our clients as a trusted ally, with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. Whether it's third party integration tools, ERP Consulting, ERP Programming or ERP Software Selection Services, EXERTUS will help your company maximize your ERP Software Assets.

If your company is interested in harnessing the information in your ERP system but is finding that doing so may require as much resource as the initial implementation, then you need to take a closer look at what EXERTUS has to offer.

EXERTUS' Consulting & Implementation Services fill the gap between the reality and the promise. We don't sell a product, we provide experience. The right Experts. We use only the best Experts in the field. People that have done what you are trying to do. Our consultants provide the knowledge and experience needed to make your implementation and business a success. Whether you need help managing the project, application or technical consulting, custom programming, integration or networking support, EXERTUS can provide you with the help you need. Experts that will focus on your project. Our objective is to make your implementation a success!
EXERTUS believes that by giving you the best people in their field, we create a true WIN-WIN situation, and partnerships for the Long Term. You'll find that EXERTUS will help you implement your project right, the first time.

EXERTUS has experience with the following ERP solutions applications:

· Oracle
· PeopleSoft
· BaaN
· JDEdwards
· Geac
· Lawson